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  The Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center Schedule
You can click here for a PDF of this Summer's Storytelling Program 2016
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Celebrating 60 Years of Storytelling at The Statue of Hans Christian Andersen

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  Artistic Director: Laura Simms
June Monitor: Mark Horn/Jean Hale

Saturdays at 11AM

Youth story teller(s) at all June sessions
Jun 4 60th Anniversary
Opening Celebration
Danish Consul General, A. D. Riggelsen
A. Forbes, Bagpipes

  Story tellers:
  | Princess and the Pea
told by Therese Plair (w/ guitarist) – H.C. Andersen
  | The Emperor’s New Clothes/ Storm Child
told by Rolf Stang, Mary Ann Smith – H.C. Andersen/E. Brightwood
Jun 11 | The Magical Cow told by Bill Gordh – origin Iceland
  | The Well of Truth told by Navida Stein – origin Egypt
Jun 18 | Seven Ravens told by Jeannine Laverty – Grimm Brothers
  | Wiley and the Hairy Man told by Jack McKeon – origin American
Jun 25 | Myth of the Midnight Sun / Joha’s Banquet told by Megan Wells, Marc Young – origin Nordic /Sephardic
  | Beetle’s Journey told by Robyn Bady – H.C. Andersen


  July Monitor: Julie Della Torre

Saturdays at 11AM

Story tellers: Story:
Jul 2 | Special Independence Day Celebration Connie Reagan Blake,
Len Cabral,
Laura Simms,
Lise Marie Nedergaard,
– with Lynn Andersen, Cellist,
– origin Appalachian, Caribbean, and Danish
Jul 9 | The Wave told by Anne Shimojima – origin Japan
  | Master of All Masters
told by Megan Hicks – origin British
Jul 16 | The Swineherd told by Julie Della Torre – H.C. Andersen
  | Juan Bobo and the Pig told by Julie Pasqual – origin Puerto Rico
Jul 23 | The Tinderbox told by Rita Auerbach – H.C. Andersen
  | Horse and Toad told by Joy Kelly – origin Haiti
Jul 30 | Three Strong Women told by Heather Forest – origin Japan
  | Magic Fish told by LuAnn Adams – origin South Africa


August Monitors:

Saturdays at 11AM

Story tellers: Story:
Aug 6 | The Most Incredible told by Regina Ress – H.C. Andersen
  | Sun Moon, Brother Sister
told by Ron Sopyla – origin Korea
Aug 13 | Nightingale told by Gerald Fierst – H.C. Andersen
  | Arabian Tale
told by Arif Choudhury – origin Arabian
Aug 20 | The Tea Pot told by April Armstrong – H.C. Andersen
  | A True Life Story told by Laura Bobrow  
Aug 27 | The Snow Queen told by Peninnah Schram – H.C. Andersen
  | Seven Brothers told by Judith Heineman – H.C. Andersen


September Monitor: TBD

Saturdays at 11AM

Story tellers: Story:
Sep 3 | Renaldo told by Leeny Del Seamonds – origin Argentina
  | The Mud Sisters told by Laura Simms – True tale
Sep 10   Celebration of Diane Wolkstein  
      Rachel Zucker (and friends) - various
Sep 19 | Samson and Delilah told by Donna Jacobs Sife
– Biblical
  | Hansel and Gretel told by Susan Stone
– origin German
Sep 24 ducklingThe Ugly Duckling's Birthday Party
with Rolf Stang (as H.C. Andersen)
Cookies served! from ASS
  | The Heart of the Giant told by Laura Simms – origin Norway
  | Duck Fairytale told by Peter Stevenson – origin Welsh



celebration at the Hans Christian Andersen Statue 2016 is the 60th Anniversary Year!
Special Opening Celebration on June 4, 2016.
We celebrate our 60th anniversary by the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park. On June 4, 2016, we welcome the Danish Consul General A. D. Riggelsen, and will have storytellers telling us two Hans Christian Andersen fairytales; Therese Plair will tell the story of "Princess and the Pea", accompanied by a guitarist, and Rolf Stang will do his wonderful rendition of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" – both stories that seem forever relevant and timeless!

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    please click here for a pdf of this summer's Storytelling Program. (2pgs)  


Fairy and Folk Tales
From Around The World!

Appropriate for children ages 6 and up.
Fun for Adults as well.
At the Hans Christian Andersen statue
"The Ugly Duckling"
near 72nd Street & Fifth Avenue.
in Central Park, New York.

Click to see map
Saturdays in
June, July, August & September
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Storytelling is held rain or shine.
Cost: Free
Children are asked to sit with
parents or guardians.

young storyteller

There will be Youth story tellers at all June sessions.

Sponsored by the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center, Inc.
in cooperation with the City of New York / Parks & Recreation and The Central Park Conservancy.

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